100 Bonus Theory Questions

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Theory questions are a HUGE part of the civil PE exam. Most engineers underestimate how much is on there and always leave the exam blown away by the amount they asked. You can honestly expect 20 to 30 questions in the morning and almost the same for the afternoon exams.

The problem with these is that you either know them or you don't. 

If you know and understand, you can quickly select an answer and move on, but if you don't you'll wrack your brain and resources for all the time you can muster to find the right answer because you don't want to miss out on the points.

So, having said all of that, we decided to release some of the best theory questions that can pop up on the exam to help give you exposure to the type of questions they could ask you.

Here's what you are getting as part of this sweet package:

  • One hundred exam-like theory questions built to test you.
  • One hundred solutions so you can see what you missed and why you missed it.
  • No waiting around for a book as this is an instant download.
  • Support - simply email me a question, and I'll get right to you on anything you have. I'm here to help you succeed!

Don't take the theory lightly....it may end up burning you. Give yourself the best chance of success by getting more exposure to more problems dealing with only theory.

Grab this copy of our 100 Bonus Theory Questions and set yourself up for the best possible chances when you encounter these kinds of problems.

To your success!


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100 theory questions and solutions found within 44 pages of testing goodness.

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100 Bonus Theory Questions

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