The Ultimate Equation Reference Guide

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The Ultimate Equation Reference Guide (for the civil PE exam) is like the notes you took in college when you circled, boxed out, and highlighted that final equation.  You know, when you cut right to the heart of all the theory to the good stuff...

This is that.

We've taken the goods out of the (the CERM from and placed the most commonly used equations into this document - saving you of hours hunting down equations you need (if you still need that book use our discount code of CIVAC to get 15% off!)

So why do you want this?

1. This cuts out the clutter and gets you the equations you want right in front of you.  You also get the reference right out the CERM so you can go find it yourself if you want (but why waste the time!).

2.  We label and sub-label each section so you can quickly jump to the content you want.  Saving you precious minutes on the exam.

3. Students have used this guide alone to ace the breadth portion of the exam (it'll help with your depth too).

4.  This thing is clean.  The graphics are amazing - just check out the example page above!

5.  This is instantly downloadable so you get it right away.  No waiting for days to get this amazing reference.  This is 27 pages of goodness delivered instantly.

6.  Updates for LIFE.  Yes, anytime we update this you get a revised edition for FREE.

Need we say more?  Get it now and you'll be one happy camper; or in this case, test-taker :)


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The Ultimate Equation Reference Guide

7 ratings
I want this!