The Ult Civil PE Breadth Exam Vol 1 & 2 +Bonuses

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This is The Ultimate Study Package!  Built to help you prepare and pass the breadth section of the civil engineering PE exam administered by the NCEES organization!  Each exam has been updated to the latest specifications.

Here is what you'll be getting in this ultimate package:

1)  Both THE ULTIMATE CIVIL PE BREADTH EXAM VOLUME 1 and 2.  A total of 80 questions with detailed solutions - or two 4-hr exams!

2)  10 BONUS THEORY QUESTIONS to help prepare you for anything they throw at you. The theory is always a HUGE part of the exam and always throws students off guard. Get better prepared for them!

3)  10 BONUS SHORT ANSWER questions to help test your quick answer reflexes.  That's a total of 20 additional bonus questions to help you prepare.  Sweet!

4)  Instant download of each of these products.  No more waiting for days for books.  Buy.  Download.  Done.

5) Access our Discord Server, where you can ask questions, get advice, and help others!

6)  You are saving the planet by sticking with digital downloads.  Pat yourself on the back for saving some trees.  Ya!  

7)  Finally, and best of all, if there are any updates to these exams, you'll get them for free!!

All in all, you are getting a great deal here.  This is a total of 80 test questions with 20 additional bonus questions to help you study - all for a low price. 

You know that the more problems you work on, the better, so what are you waiting for!?  You've got this - let's pass the PE!! 


For only $50 we recently added the option of getting a personal one-on-one coaching call with me! We can discuss study strategies, best practices, books, and material you should be getting, including setting up a study schedule, reviewing courses, and more. Basically, anything you want to ask about the PE - I'm here to help! If this is something you'd be interested in we would schedule this and meet via Zoom/Google Hangout for a 30-min coaching session. Ready to kick this test in the butt? Select YES for personal coaching above the checkout button, and let's get you started right!

Thanks for looking, and thanks for purchasing! 

Talk soon,


P.S. Errata for this and any other exam we've made can be found at Check it out to make sure you're up to date!


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The Ult Civil PE Breadth Exam Vol 1 & 2 +Bonuses

5 ratings
I want this!